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HomelatestJanasena Party Chief Seeks Explanation from TDP through “Twitter”

Janasena Party Chief Seeks Explanation from TDP through “Twitter”

Pawan Kalyan seeks Ap Government Action on Vizag Incident

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Pendurthi Incident which happened a couple of days ago shocked everyone in the state as a Dalit woman was drugged and assaulted by a TDP leader in relation to a land dispute. A video was circulated which showed the women being dragged and her clothes were torn off by the offenders shown in the media. It is noted that the women constantly raised objections to the digging work on a piece of land which led to those leaders assaulting her.

The women registered a complaint on the next day of the incident with the Pendurthi village. Leaders from opposition party too raised questions about the TDP leader’s behavior. YSRCP leader Roja asked, about the woman TDP leaders and ministers when the incident occurred. She questioned why they are not speaking up for another woman.

Incidentally, Pawan Kalyan joined the movement and is looking for an explanation from the AP government about the assault, as it was apparently done by the members of the ruling TDP party. He even cautioned the government of serious repercussions that are similar to those in Rohit Vemula case if the government doesn’t address this matter seriously.

As Pawan Kalyan Tweets:

“People seek an explanation from AP Govt on the Visakhapatnam incident where a helpless woman was brutally assaulted by some political leaders (as the reports say they are from TDP).I was deeply disturbed by what I heard & saw. If the Govt doesn’t respond in the manner it has to then the outcome for sure will not be a pleasant one. Think of Rohit Vemula incident how it shook up the entire nation and request the authorities not to be mute spectators.”

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