PK’s Sudden Tweets Before The Parliament Debate


The Janasenani tried his best to be in the limelight where the entire people of Andhra Pradesh focus their attention on the Parliament. Continuing his blame game on TDP and BJP, he has responded on today’s debate on No Confidence Motion debate.

Among the very few Politicians who are fighting for the Special Category Status, Pawan Kalyan is one who never changed his stand on the Special Category Status. In his very second year of Janasena formation, he opposed the Special Package and demanded the Special Status. Such a leader has taken a break and is far from the media in his Uttarandhra tour.

Likewise his fans/followers, many political followers have been waiting for his response to today’s Debate on the ‘No Confidence Motion’ in the Parliament. This young leader took his Twitter to share his feelings on this regard. Pawan Kalyan felt that both BJP and TDP completely failed to utilize a wonderful opportunity given by the people of India. He urged the Centre to deliver the justice in the noble house of Parliament for Andhra Pradesh.

Also, this Janasena Supreme requested the BJP not to oppose the Special Status for its rivalry on TDP as it belongs to a complete State but not to any party. Pawan Kalyan shared a video link of some farmers and their problems with the Sun City developments.

His haters, as usual, declare him that he would do protests on Twitter and nothing in reality. They ask him to come out and support TDP which is fighting for the Status in the Parliament. The debate has begun and all are waiting for the BJP’s response on the Special Status.


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