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Pawan Kalyan takes a Holy Dip with wife Anna in Varanasi

We all are familiar to megastar Chiranjeevi being sighted with his wife as well as children for shootings outside Hyderabad and Outside India. He is known to all as a family man, who also has a huge fan following. Now it looks like, the saying is true that all married heroes are like that and Power Star is no exception. Recently, media people spotted power star with his wife Anna Lezhenova, who also joined him in his shooting.

Even when Pawan went on his tour to Harvard University, or for Katamarayudu song in Italy, his wife Anna followed him to his shoots.  She was also a face mostly noticed in Agnathavasi in Croatia and even in Varanasi, India recently.

The beautiful couple took holy dips in River Ganges, in Varanasi and prayed to Lord Shiva. Though foreigners visiting Varanasi is not something new, the fans and local people are so happy to see Anna following the religious duties with her husband Pawan Kalyan.

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