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HomelatestPawan’s Decision Pushes Janasainakas In Confusion

Pawan’s Decision Pushes Janasainakas In Confusion

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan blasted an unexpected bomb the other day via his official Twitter handle which is now perplexing his haters including some of his followers.

Pawan kalyan tweet

He looks this Twitter to declare that Janasena needs no support of any party as it has potential to go solo for the elections. He expressed his party’s strength amidst the speculations regarding Janasena’s possible alliance with YSRCP or BJP for the upcoming elections. Declaring that People are Janasena’s only strength to rewrite a new chapter in AP Politics, Pawan showcased his confidence of being one man army.


This revelation might shut many haters of his and critics of Janasena but it apparently left many Janasainikas in confusion. Until now, they thought that the JSP would join hands with the left parties like CPI, CPM, Lok Satta etc parties who have similar ideologies as Pawan Kalyan. Is this Pawan Kalyan’s uncertainty over choosing a partner or he sent feelers to the regional parties about his reluctance of joining hands with them is not understandable for now.

Pwan kalyan

Some hardcore supporters of Pawan Kalyan tried to explain his tweet that Pawan has plans to consider the alliance with left parties at least but he wanted to prove the strength of his party. Whatever might be Pawan’s inner thoughts, his anti-parties started blaming Pawan’s uncertainty in alliance stand.

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