Shocking: Another Honor Killing In Telangana State


As the entire World is advancing in everything, the worthless caste system of India is still taking the lives of many due to their pride and prestige. Not even a year post the sensational honor killing case of Pranay in Nalgonda, Telangana witnessed yet another brutal murder of a young woman for her inter-caste love marriage.Going into the details, Anuradha, the resident of Kalamadugu Village fell in love with A Laxman who belongs to the same village. Due to their caste differences, the couple eloped to the capital Hyderabad and got married in Arya Samaj on 3rd December. The couple who managed to live in Hyderabad finally went to their village Kalamadugu in Mancherial district to the groom’s home on the last Saturday. Somehow the parents of Anuradha got the information about their daughter went to Laxman’s house to attack him. Then they forced Anuradha against her will leaving the injured Laxman at his residence. On the same night, Anuradha’s parents along with some of their relatives took her far to a place called Mallapur in Nirmal district and killed her.

To clean the pieces of evidence, the parents who gave birth to Anuradha burnt her and mixed the ashes in a nearby river. The incident came into existence when Laxman contacted the Mancherial Police and the SI arrested Anuradha’s parents Sattenna and Laxmi. In their investigation, Sattena confessed his demonic act as he was unable to digest the fact that her daughter married a guy who is opposite to their cast. Police registered the case on both the parents of Anuradha and put them in remand to make them appear in the Court.Shook by this incident, many activists and netizens demand complete justice to demised Anuradha and her husband Laxman who lost his wife in twenty days after their marriage. It is high time for the Government to educate the people who are living in remotest places of India regarding these honor killings.


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