Saturday, September 25, 2021
HomelatestPolice Warns TV Channels On Honor Killing Visuals

Police Warns TV Channels On Honor Killing Visuals

The Telangana government gave serious warning to media houses under the Telangana Prevention of Anti-Social and Hazardous Activities Act, If any media house telecast killing visuals it comes under violation of act hereafter.

Telangana government

The state government cautioned all the media houses against telecasting murder visuals or conducting caste based debates, After the Honour killing incident some media houses telecas the visuals without blurring the image. Few Communities felt that telecasting those sensitive visuals may create huge impact on elders and children. In any case, not any longer. The Telangana police on Thursday come up with a notification banning media house which repeatedly telecasting honor killing visuals which comes under violation of program code under cable television network (Regulation) act 1995 Telangana DGP M Mahender said certain TV channels had been broadcasting content comprising of shocking scenes of murder more than once for the sake of honor killings which was probably going to incite savagery prompting further such incidents.

national programme or debates

The are some prescribed rules which every media house to follow that of any substance that is against good and promoting anti national programme or debates, attack on religions or community or caste or degrading statements on particular religion or visuals or words derisive of religious meetings or obscene , foul, defamatory, consider, false and suggestive allusions and misleading statements and is probably going to empower or prompt violence . it’s all comes under the violation of rules. Few People felt that for the sake of TRP Ratings few media channels crossing their limits, this notification may check to them.

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