Popular app banned by Google

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Google Play had a setback has it has been accused of coming up with fake versions which led to the ban on its ES File explorer. Fake impressions were created.

Google Play in the month of April has come up with several fake versions of the app. The ES File Explorer app is created by China-based DO Global and the company was caught abusing file permissions and was found guilty of generating fake impressions. The app was made use of to automatically click on ads that have been shown the app to generate quick money. There has been a ban on ES File Explorer. Google had in fact removed ES File Explorer along with several other apps created by DO Global Soon after the original ES File Explorer got removed from Google, several fake variants of the Android app have come up on Google. Most of these fake apps simply show ads without doing anything. Readers are advised that the official ES File Explorer app no longer exists on Android. This has led to the ban on ES File Explorer.

Popular app banned by Google

File browser apps generally tend to ask for all permissions.

Recently, a fake version of a Samsung app was indeed discovered on Google Play to have over 10 million downloads. This process requires users to provide their credit card information. Also, it is said that a user can search for their specific firmware in the ‘Download Firmware’ section.

If the handset happens to have already this app, it is highly recommended to uninstall it and use the typical way of updating the smartphone’s OS, which is by navigating through Setting About phone and Software Update. Unlike Apple, most Android device makers never immediately roll out updates globally. This is due to carrier interference and regional customizations that the users in different countries may receive updates weeks or even months after the update first rolls out in one area. This is a reason for the ban on ES File Explorer.

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera night mode update first rolled out for international models in April but was off late rolled out this month for some U.S. models. Enthusiasts having a compatible smartphone model have often turned to third-parties to get updates early. One of those third-party Samsung firmware download sites, which is Updato, is in trouble over allegations that highlights the fact it’s scamming users tend to benefit out of their money.

Companies such as Google, OnePlus, and Xiaomi do indeed provide download links for their respective devices’ latest firmware, but Samsung, in fact, does not offer such service. Officially, the only option to fetch a new update for a Samsung phone is to either use the built-in checker in Settings or perhaps to make use of the Samsung Smart Switch service. Neither way there is no guarantee that you will be given the latest update, but the third-party websites such as Updato and SamMobile do offer a database of Samsung firmware downloads. These websites do scrape out Samsung’s servers for the latest firmware releases and categorize them by model number, carrier/region, and OS version. What neither of them does is the actual firmware flashing; both Updato and SamMobile do provide firmware for users to flash making use of leaked builds of Samsung Odin, Samsung’s internal tool to flash the firmware.



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