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Posani being controlled by someone?

Posani being controlled by someone?

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The Nandi Awards became a state-wide hot topic after producers and directors condemned the state government and the Jury. But the whole incident grabbed everyone’s attention after Posani Krishna Murali lashed out at Nara Lokesh.

In a recent interview, Posani lashed out at CM’s son, and minister Nara Lokesh, calling him a drunkard. With his fierce interview, it looked as if Posani has raised curtains to a larger controversy.

But interestingly, YSRCP leader, brother of Superstar Krishna, Ghattamaneni Adiseshagiri Rao simply rubbished Posani’s comments stating that ‘Posani’s arguments are senseless. What was his intention to bring caste into the awards row? See, people who did not get the awards usually react. This is a very common thing’.

Everyone expected that there would an interview from Posani criticizing the YSRCP leader. but shockingly, Posani did not even comment anything. Posani’s behavior certainly raised some eyebrows. Posani, who lashed out at CM Son out rightly has enough wits to lash out at Ghattamaneni also. But he did not.

Few close sources to the politics and film circles are claiming that someone is controlling every action of Posani. Only time should reveal the truth behind his ‘shocking’ behavior.

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