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My rate is 1 Lakh per day!

My rate is 1 Lakh per day!

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Posani Krishna Murali is a well-established character artist. His dialogue delivery, voice modulation and the slang he uses to make him one among the very best character artists currently in the tinsel town. But he is also a famous scriptwriter who has given the script for Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Pawan Kalyan films also.

But lately, the writer-cum-actor has limited himself to acting on celluloid and participating in TV Shows. Generally, Star celebrities come as a guest to few TV Shows without taking any remuneration. But few stars take remuneration to be a part of the TV Show.

The actor is known to charge hefty amount even to participate in a small-game show. Recently in an interview, the actor spoke about his remuneration. ‘I was invited for a TV Show anchored by Suma. The TV Show producer makes money using my name and fame. What’s wrong if I make money in my name? Isn’t the anchor Suma taking money for anchoring the show? Even Omkar also charged heavily to become a host for a reputed dance show. Is it wrong if I charge money?’ said Posani in his unique cut-throat tone.

Posani himself stated that he is ready to do a TV Show if they pay him Rs. 1 Lakh per day as his remuneration. ‘I have earned enough for my lifetime. But I still want to earn money. I don’t think it’s wrong,’ said the actor.

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