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Pawan Kalyan’s mother-In-law Dead?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Mother In Law Is No More

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Reports surfaced that, Pawan Kalyan’s mother-in-law (mother of his 3rd wife Anna Lezhneva) has passed today mooring. Few sections of the media reported that Pawan is left in a sea of grief over his mother-in-law demise. Shockingly, few fan groups also claimed that Pawan Kalyan has put his political engagements at a pause, and is standing with Anna Lezhneva.

What’s more surprising is that reports emerged that, Pawan Kalyan’s former wife, Renu Desai, has even expressed her condolences towards Anna Lezhneva and Pawan Kalyan.

Reacting to this, Pawan Kalyan’s media spokesperson condemned the reports and said that, they are nothing but rumors. In his statement, he said, ‘Pawan Kalyan mother-in-law is in pink of her health. She is healthy, fit and happy. There is no truth in the news that she has died. Fans should cross check with ‘official’ sources before spreading this kind of news to other.

We strongly condemn this, and we know people are targeting Pawan Kalyan Garu, given his uprightness in politics. Stern action will be taken against those who are spreading this kind of false news.’

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