Power Star Pawan Kalyan to Aim at 500 Crores Target!


Power Star Pawan Kalyan published his departure from the films when he actively commenced developing his political party Janasena in AP. Now, Pawan reversed his decision and began doing films again. For the next year, he aspires to concentrate on Pink Remake, Virpoopaksha under Krish’s direction and another one with Harish Shankar. Dil Raju, AM Ratnam, and Mythri Movie Makers pool the support for these three films individually.

Also, Pawan aimed to make 150 to 180 crores as remuneration with these three films. And then, Pawan wants to sign three more movies. The talks are going on with multiple directors and producers. Pawan aims to take another 150 to 180 crores as a remuneration for the three films. And then, Pawan also plans to produce films with Ram Charan, Nithiin and another hero with which he wants to pocket more crores. On the whole, by the time he goes back to people as a politician, he wants to make 500 crores.



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