Priyanka Chopra fires on her ‘5 Cr Remuneration’ on National Media!

Priyanka Chopra fires on National Media About 5 Cr Remuneration

Priyanka Chopra fires on National Media About 5 Cr Remuneration

Posted December 27, 2017, 3:41 pm at 15:41 

Bollywood star heroine Priyanka Chopra is having the best time in her career. The Bollywood beauty is currently hot favourite and one among the most-wanted heroines in Hollywood. It became a hot topic after reports surfaced that Priyanka Chopra demanded Rs. 5 crores for a dance performance at the ‘2017 Zee Cine Awards’ event organized by Zee Studios. Few sections of the media expressed, is it really worth paying Priyanka Chopra such a hefty sum?

Reacting on this, Priyanka Chopra lashed out at the national media and critics. She went on to say, ‘they paid me because I have performed well. I put a lot of hard work into it. Will the media and those people criticizing me ask the same question if a hero demands the same amount? Why this hypocrisy against female actors?’ in a fierce manner.

Priyanka also said that she is charging given her image at the international level. ‘I have worked hard for years to reach this stage. Don’t you all [the media] know how much hard work one has to put-in for a live dance performance? I don’t feel anything wrong, given my hard work and efforts I put,’ said Priyanka.

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