RGV In Big Trouble? Bunny Vas Strong Warning To RGV!

Producer Bunny Vas Strong Warning To Ram Gopal Varma

Producer Bunny Vas Strong Warning To Ram Gopal Varma

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It looks like Ram Gopal Varma is completely out of his mind. After confessing through a YouTube video that, he is the one behind Sri Reddy’s abuse against Pawan Kalyan, the whole mega fans army is waiting to take its vengeance on RGV.

While Producer Bunny Vasu directly gave Ram Gopal Varma a stern warning and challenged him to face dire consequences. On his Facebook post, Bunny Vasu said that ‘Mega Fans are still under control because they were advised to be. But we are coming out now. You made similar plans even during the PRP. All the mega family supporters will be meeting today, and will announce the decision by evening’.

It looks like the mega fans are planning to rip RGV apart, given his behavior towards Mega family, and Pawan Kalyan in particular. Many believe that, along with RGV, Kathi Mahesh and Sri Reddy will also be taught a befitting lesson this time around.

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