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HomelatestI dated Ivanka Trump – Producer Quincy Jones, 84 Years

I dated Ivanka Trump – Producer Quincy Jones, 84 Years

Producer Quincy Jones dated Ivanka Trump  

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In a most dramatic way with no one ever saw it coming, Quincy Jones, 84 year Old Man has claimed in an interview to have dated Ivanka Trump.

He called the American President Donald Trump a “megalomaniac, narcissistic” and “crazy motherf***er” who happened to be his former acquaintance. The legendary music producer, also added that he dated Ivanka, you know the Trump.

The interviewer who spoke for all of us when he asked Jones: “wait, really?’

Jones went on to claim that he and Ivanka Trump dated about 12 years back after she asked Tommy Hilfiger to set up a dinner for me and her. Jones who is now 84 and Ivanka is 36. Exactly 12 years ago, they must have been 72 and 24, respectively.

Jones recalls having shared with Hilfiger at that point in time, “No problem. She’s a fine mother***er.” He also shared that she had the most beautiful legs I have ever seen in my life. But continued saying, wrong father, though.

Jones also criticized President Donald Trump, saying he is the reason why outward racism has resurfaced.

So far, there is no official statement neither from Ivanka or her team to people’s request for comment.

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