Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Proud to have played the role of KCR: Srikanth

Hyderabad, April 20,(Telugu Bullet) “The name ‘Telangana Devadu’ is apt for the KCR biopic that brought Telangana state with great effort. This film about the Telangana movement should be a big success, ” said Telangana Home Minister Mehmood Ali. The movie ‘Telangana Devadu’ starring Zishan Usman, Sangeetha, Brahmanandam etc. in the lead roles in the title role of Srikanth.

Directed by Vadatya Harish and produced by Mohammad Zakir Usman, the film is set to release on the 23rd of this month. If they did, the theaters would be open and movies could be played. Is changing now. We will make further changes, ”said Minister Srinivas Gowda. “It is our good fortune to make this biopic,” said producer Zakir and director Harish. “I am proud to have played the role of KCR,” said Hero Srikanth.


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