Qualities Of The Director – S.S.Rajamouli


An experienced director has so many experiences in film shootings. They do mistakes and realized and again try for the best. In the process, they get more knowledge and they can guide the youngers with their tips. Although, number of works not mean experience. Experience means what we get from the process, time and situations.


Now, we respect Rajamouli sir for his great works. He did only 11 films but his knowledge about movies is vast. Recently, Rajamouli attended the Gollapudi Srinivas Memorial Award ceremony as a special guest. In that occasion, he said about the prime qualities of a director. And, they are very valuable words for film aspirants.


“I always introspect and question myself if I like the story that I am going to tell before I think if it will be liked by audiences. A direct must like his story first before thinking about how to draw audiences to the theaters,” he said. This legendary director also said, “A director must have a lot of confidence. His confidence gives a lot of energy to producers who invest money. I was quite shaky when I made my first film. But thankfully, my producer liked the movie.”



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