Quit India… Quit AP

Posted August 10, 2017 at 11:44

Quit India… Quit AP

Quit India... Quit APThe Quit India movement is the main reason for our country’s independence. This is the first movement Gandhiji to call Do or Die movement besides many movements. Indians in the British army became rebellious for this move. Now, on the Quit India Day, the opposition leader Jagan Tweets are interesting.

Corrupted leader Jagan called for Quit AP. Jagan, who was angry by criticizing the leaders in the Nandhyala meetings, now been raised once again. The TDP leaders sarcastic jokes on Jagan’s tweet that the tweet is applicable only to him.

The senior leaders of YSRCP feel that Jagan is loosing his limits by unnecessary speech fires. The Nandyala election competition has been equal but after Jagan’s unnecessary speech made YCP loose.