Rahul Gandhi’s Change Of Approach Getting Applause From People

Rahul Gandhi

There is a time once where everyone underrated Rahul Gandhi and his approach towards getting the party into power. But if we observe him from the past few months, his approach has been changed a lot.

Rahul Gandhi's ability

Rahul Gandhi’s ability has always been the talking point. Earlier Rahul used to tumble down before the tactics of Modi and he is no way near in terms of defending his party’s stance nor he is no way drawn the attention in cornering the Modi with his logical attack over the issues of the government.

TDP to put a checkmate to Modi

But he seems to be a changed man now. The way he responded in Parliament regarding Rafael deal and the way he hugged Modi has become the taking point of the nation. Later, Rahul’s key decision to join hands with TDP to put a checkmate to Modi in the center has also made the people think about Rahul. The recent happenings in Telangana Congress have also been the talking point in the political circles.

Rahul Gandhi is very clear about what to do and when to doRahul Gandhi is very clear about what to do and when to do. On Friday the Congress leaders led by Uttam Kumar Reddy and AICC screening committee has met Rahul and given the list of 40 people who are going to contest in the elections. Rahul who had a glace at the list has reportedly asked about the names of Osmania students which has made the leaders to spill beans.

Instead of considering the list, Rahul Gandhi has advised Uttam to come with the list which includes Osmania students and he made it clear that he is not going to entertain anymore the local politics where the tickets are always shared among themselves. This approach of Rahul Gandhi seems to be definitely workout for his party in the general elections.


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