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HomelatestRahul Gandhi turns from ‘Pappu’ to ‘Yuvaraj’!

Rahul Gandhi turns from ‘Pappu’ to ‘Yuvaraj’!

Rahul Gandhi turns from ‘Pappu’ to ‘Yuvaraj’!

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After the Election Commission of India has banned the word ‘Pappu’ to be used against any political leader during an election campaign, the BJP party was quick to respond. In a series of video poster on their official social media accounts, BJP replaced ‘Pappu’ with ‘Yuvaraj’.

A 48 second video clip from BJP about Rahul Gandhi has gone viral on social media. It shows a conversation between the shopkeeper and the worker. The worker says, ‘Bhai, look who is coming. Yuvaraj is coming to our shop. The shopkeeper referring Yuvaraj says, ‘You can buy anything in this shop. But you cannot buy our vote’.BJP release Pappu Video about Rahul Gandhi

Similar to the video, many videos labelling Rahul Gandhi as ‘Yuvaraj’ (instead of Pappu) became viral on the social media websites. With Gujarat elections underway on December 9th and December 14th, BJP and Congress Parties have expressed their confidence in winning the elections. Though BJP has been leading the Gujarat Assembly elections for the past 2 decades, BJP is facing reprisal due to Demonetization and GST in the recent times.

Congress hopes to cash-in on the anti-BJP sentiment in the state of Gujarat. Rahul Gandhi is leading the Congress Party’s election campaign in Gujarat. One has to wait until December 18th to know whether the Gujarat voter has chosen BJP or Congress!

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