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HomelatestShopping mall to charge ‘Entry Fee’ between Rs. 100 – Rs. 250

Shopping mall to charge ‘Entry Fee’ between Rs. 100 – Rs. 250

Shopping mall to charge ‘Entry Fee’ between Rs. 100 – Rs. 250

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For the first time in India Retail Market history, a chain of shopping mall will be charging an ‘Entry Fee’ into its outlets. Ashok Biyani’s Future Group-owned ‘BrandFactory’ has come up with this unique decision. ‘BrandFactory’ representative stated an amount of Rs.100 – Rs. 250 will be charged for the customers entering the mall during the 5-Day season sale.

The 5-Day season sale would take place between November 22 and November 26. The company has announced huge discounts on a wide range of apparel and clothing. ‘We would give away Rs. 5000 worth products at Rs. 2000 itself. The customer can redeem the ‘entry fee’ at the time of billing. This way we are not factually collecting any sort of entry-fee from any customer’, said the BrandFactory representatives.

Brand Factory to Charge 100 to 250 Entry Charge‘This is similar to pre-booking services on online. The BrandFactory outlets see huge crowds during the season sale. It has become really difficult to service all the people who visit the store. This measure surely helps us in serving our loyal customers much better,’ said Suresh Sadhvani, Business Head, BrandFactory.

The company expects that 12-15 Lakhs customer would turn up at their stores, and aims to do a Rs. 200 crore business during these 5 days.

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