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Garuda Vega in trouble!

Garuda Vega in trouble!

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Garuda Vega is busy raking up the collections in its final days at the box office. But it looks like a new controversy is troubling the Garuda Vega team. After becoming a blockbuster at the box office, the film’s remake rights, dubbing rights, online rights and digital rights acquired high demand from various sections.

The issue started when Jeevitha wanted to sell the digital rights to a new company that made a higher offer. She has already sold the digital rights to a company at the time of the release of the film. Simultaneously, the producer of the film, Koteswar Rao claimed that Digital Rights of the film are with him.

A rumour is also spread that Koteswar Rao has even taken advance from a company for the film’s digital rights. Joining these three, a person who claims to have financed the movie has also come forward stating that he also has a share in the Film’s digital rights. From what seemed like a ‘paisa vasool’ the film is also standing for its Digital Rights controversy after 4 people claiming for their share in the revenue.

On the other hand, Jeevitha has stated that Koteswar Rao has come out of the production of the film, and he has got nothing to do the film anymore. The recent controversy has become a hot topic among the Telugu film circles.

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