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They are ‘Political Awards’ not Nandi Awards

They are ‘Political Awards’ not Nandi Awards

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For the first time, the AP Govt. has announced the ‘Nandi Awards’ after the partition of the state. While it was thought that everyone would be happy with the announcement, the AP Govt. is drawing flak from various sections of the society about its choice of awardees.

‘These are political awards, not Nandi awards. These awards are given with political gains in mind,’ said renowned film industry personnel. The government is facing the heat especially for awarding three awards exclusively to the Nandamuri family.Legend-gets-3-Nandi-Awards

The ‘Legend’ movie starring Balakrishna won Nandi awards in multiple categories. Few sections on social media are gossiping that, it is because of Balakrishna’s close relation with CM, and he is a TDP MLA, the film managed to win Nandi Awards.

Similarly, conferring Jr. NTR and Master. NTR (Son of Kalyan Ram) with Nandi Awards is clearly seen as a calculated move with political motives behind it.

Celebrities controversy comments on Nandi Awards list

It looks like this controversy is going to get severe within the next few days. A similar controversy sparked when Darasai Narayana Rao was awarded Nandi Award for the ‘best actor’.

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