China reduces launch costs to Rs 3.27 Lakh/Kg. ISRO also likely to reduce

India and China reduces launch costs

China reduces launch costs to Rs 3.27 Lakh/Kg. ISRO also likely to reduce

Posted November 15, 2017 at 12:08 

The Chinese Space Agency stated that it is aiming to bring down the satellite launch costs as low as Rs 3.27 Lakh/Kg. The current space industry is estimated to drive a $350 Billion business in the coming few years. ISRO has been a prime launching platform for more than 25 countries. ISRO has launched 209 satellites (in mini, nano, micro and standard sizes) for 28 countries.

The recent move to reduce the launch costs from Chinese Space Agency is perceived as its aspiration to capture the satellite launch business. Currently, a satellite launch on Arianespace’s rocket is around $100 Million, while a satellite launch on Space X is costing $60 million. ISRO has charged an average of $3 Million per satellite between 2013 and 2015. Space X is trying to bring down the launch costs to $2,500 per Kg in future with its ‘partially reusable rockets’ that are currently in the testing stage.India and China reduces launch costs

The Antrix Corporation Ltd., the commercial wing of ISRO has announced that it is ready to compete with the recent move from Chinese Space Agency, and will likely reduce the prices to further capture the satellite launch market.

With the high success rate and further R&D into reusable rockets, it would be a matter of time before ISRO grabs a major chunk in the future satellite launches. 

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