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‘Manam’ should have won the Nandi Award for the best film

‘Manam’ should have won the Nandi Award for the best film

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It looks like the row over the Nandi Awards isn’t going to settle down in the near future. This time it is the turn of Akkineni Fans to express their dissatisfaction over the Nandi Award Jury. Personnel from the film industry and media houses have expressed concerns over the current selection of movies by the Jury for the Nandi Awards. With the announcement of Nandi Awards becoming controversial, many people were taken back by the recent developments.


On the other hand, many claimed that the awards were given to achieve political gain, rather than appreciating the talent. After Bunny Vasu’s controversial comments, now it is Akkineni fans who took Nandi Awards Row to another level.

‘They have insulted the team of Manam by credited it as a 2nd best film for the year 2014. We have no idea how did Legend went on to become the best film. It doesn’t have any message except extreme violence and killing all throughout the film. It would have been a true respect if ‘Manam’ was chosen as the best film of 2014,’ said Akkineni Fans.

The Nandi Awards are equally being criticized even by the common audience. Meanwhile, Akkineni Nagarjuna expressed his happiness after ‘Manam’ was awarded as the 2nd best film.


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