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HomelatestWill they overthrow Pawan Kalyan?

Will they overthrow Pawan Kalyan?

Will they overthrow Pawan Kalyan?

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With the launch of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Prajarajyam party, Kaapu community expected that a strong political leader from Kaapu community would lead the state politics along with Chiranjeevi. Following the defeat of Prajarajyam, the Kaapu community was greatly disappointed. But with the entry of Power star Pawan Kalyan with his ‘Janasena’ party, things did take a turn. TDP won the elections with Janasena’s support. It is understood that the whole Kaapu community is behind the film actor.

Realizing this, YS Jagan supported Kaapu Leader Mudhragada’s movement on ‘Kaapu Reservation’, with a motive to influence the Kaapu community. But the YSRCP chief failed in his attempt.

mudragada padmanabham opens ambedkar statue in kirlampudi

Recently after Mudhragada stated that he would launch another campaign for ‘Kaapu Reservation’, all the parties are keenly eyeing on him and Harsh Kumar, who is an SC. YSRCP and Congress parties already welcomed both the leaders into their respective parties.

But the leaders seem to be unmoved at this juncture. It looks like they want to establish themselves as ‘game changers’ in their respective regions before committing to any party. Once they manage to have a mass following behind them, these leaders are likely to join YSRCP or Congress and fight against Pawan Kalyan and Janasena’s influence over the Kaapu Community.

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