Rahul on his disqualification in Stanford


Rahul Gandhi expressed surprise over his exclusion from the House of Parliament

Rahul Gandhi, a former Congress leader, expressed his surprise at the severity of the punishment he received in a defamation case, which led to his disqualification as a Member of Parliament. However, he stated that this experience had provided him with a more significant opportunity to work.

Speaking at Stanford University in California about the changing world order and India’s role, Gandhi emphasized that democracy relies on sacred institutions that support the opposition. Still, these institutions have been captured and their roles distorted. He highlighted the challenges faced by the opposition in India, including financial dominance and institutional capture, which hinder their fight for democratic rights.

rahul gandhi
judo yatra transformed their perspective on the country

Gandhi mentioned a peculiar strategy adopted by him and his party leaders, where they embarked on a cross-country journey called the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He explained that this journey transformed their perspective on the country and its people, as they encountered the suffering and struggles faced by individuals.

Gandhi shared the story of a mechanic without arms to illustrate the disconnect between politics and the realities of people’s lives. He emphasized that power and force are distinct, citing the example of Mahatma Gandhi‘s nonviolent resistance against the British Empire.

Despite lacking force, Rahul Gandhi believed that the pursuit of truth empowers individuals, and he highlighted the importance of this distinction in the current transitional period.

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