Saturday, May 8, 2021
HomelatestSonia Is Still Behind Rahul?

Sonia Is Still Behind Rahul?

Sonia Is Still Behind Rahul?

Sonia Is Still Behind Rahul: Rahul Gandhi is the most senior junior politician in the country. This is because Rahul, who came to the electoral battlefield in 2004, has been trying hard to get out of politics since then. Rahul, who twice rejected the post of prime minister, has now been repeatedly rejected the president’s post too.

But Rahul can no longer escape. Because Sonia’s health is not good. She has been leading Congress for a long time since 19 years. The doctors she should have rest but Sonia is busy in her job. Even if Rahul does not come forward, He will not even be a good leader, not a good son too.

There are already English media articles published that Rahul is going to be the president in September. Sonia has played a vital role in bringing the opposition and ruling party together in the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections. There is no doubt that Sonia has played a key role in the next election. But election results determine her political future.


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