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HomelatestRailway Station to turn into ‘Ram Mandhir!

Railway Station to turn into ‘Ram Mandhir!

Railway Station to turn into ‘Ram Mandhir!

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Is this a part of the 2019 General Election strategy? Is BJP trying to play ‘communal politics?’ The inner political circles close to the NDA coalition say ‘yes’ to the above questions. BJP MP and assistant Minister for Railway Manoj Sinha visited the Ayodhya Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh. He laid the foundation stone for many projects in and around Ayodhya. He also kicked off the renovation and development works of Ayodhya Railway Station.

The Minister made some critical comments in this context. He said, ‘Ayodhya Railway Station would be renovated in such a way that, it reflects a Ram Mandhir. We will take measures to ensure, the pilgrims do not face any difficulty in visiting Ayodhya. The government is also planning to interlink the Ayodhya Railway station to the main rail-network in this division.

For a very long time, the government wanted to develop the Ayodhya Railway Station. Upon competition of these works, the government will undertake the construction of ‘Ram Mandhir’ also. The Central Government has allocated Rs 80 crores for the development of this railway station’.

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