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Rajamouli reacts to oscar nominies

Rajamouli reacts to Oscar nominies

“Baahubali 2 The Conclusion” is one the film which made the Indian Film Industry feel proud. This film has got appreciation from all over the world. The film got many awards and aprreciations. But as always, Film Federation of India has chosen Hindi film ‘Newton’ as India’s official entry to the Oscars this year. Though Newton is a new movie with new story, it being for Oscar rather taking Bahubhali shocks everyone. this brings out different perspectives of netizens about the issue. But, Bahubhali director SS Rajamouli didn’t take the issue serious.  Rajamouli reacts to oscar nominies by commenting on the issue.

Rajamouli speaking about the issue says, he doesn’t choose his story and direct the film for awards, rather he does it for his audience. He only tries to make his film and concept reach their audience. Furtermore he tries to bring some profits for the producers rather trying hard for the awards. He also says he isn’t dissapointed at all with the news of Bahubhali not nominating for Oscar. Though Bahubhali director Rajamouli isn’t so much bothered about Bahubhali not in oscar nominies, but south indian’s are very much in chaos about the issue.

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