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HomelatestWhy Dhoni and Kohli are hiding those secrets?

Why Dhoni and Kohli are hiding those secrets?

Why Dhoni and Kohli are hiding those secrets?

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Renowned journalist and News Presenter Rajdeep Sardesai has authored the book ‘Democracy Eleven, the Great’. The book spoke about Sachin Tendulkar’s appraisals towards Dhoni. Recently some more critical elements of the book have been circulated.

Rajdeep Sardesai also comes from a cricketing family. Though he has gone with Mass Communication and Media, his father Late Dilip Narayan Sardesai is a well-known test cricketer who represented the Indian National Cricket Team. Rajdeep happened to share some key dressing room secrets in his book. But he distanced himself from speaking about much controversial ‘IPL Match Fixing’ and ‘Kohli-Kumble spat. In a recent editorial, Rajdeep gave clarification why he did not mention the match-fixing and Kohli-Kumble spat.Rajdeep Sardesai About Dhoni and Kohli Secrets in his Latest Book

‘I spoke to Dhoni regarding the 2013 IPL Match fixing, which saw Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings being banned for 2 years. I asked him about his team’s management involvement in the fixing. He did not utter a word. The same happened when I approached Kohli asking about his spat with Kumble. Kohli did not speak anything about it. Later when I approached Kumble for the same, he told me to leave it right now,’ said Rajdeep Sardesai in his editorial.

The Indian cricket fans will be more than glad to know about the 2013 IPL match fixing and Kohli-Kumble spat. Virat Kohli faced severe criticism from all corners after he called Kumble as ‘Headmaster’, expressing more than half of the team is not happy with Kumble as the coach.

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