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Rajinikanth Is CM

Rajinikanth and Shankar Next Movie in Political Background

Rajinikanth and Shankar Next Movie in Political Background: Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth political entry is almost fixed. Very soon, Rajinikanth will announce the new political party. At present Tamilnadu politics is uncertain. Anna DMK party became pieces after Jaya Lalita’s death. And DMK supremo Karunanidhi gave responsibilities to Stalin. So Rajinikanth decided to enter into politics when these 2 parties are in the weak state.

Fans wish Rajini to enter into politics since 10 to 15 years and finally, their wish come true. Rajinikanth is thinking to become CM by keeping a new political party and grab the people’s attention as still, 3 years are there for elections. But Rajini will become CM before the elections. As the sources say that a political movie is coming in the combination of Rajinikanth and director Shankar. Currently, they are working for ‘2.0’ movie and political movie in that Rajini is starring as CM. With this film, Rajini can tell his views about politics before coming to it.

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