Ram Charan Fan Baladheera NoMore

Ram Charan fan dies

RaM Charan Fan Parasuram Dies

Ram Charan fan dies

We all know howmuch crazy fans Mega Power star Ram Charan has. One of them is Parasuram, who is also called as Baladheera, who can spell Ram Charan dialogues same as Ram Charan does. He can do it perfect with expressions. It was previously seen,this die hard fan meeting Ram Charan and taking to him personally. seeing his affection, Ram Charan promises him providing him education, with all the support even for his future. Now Ram Charan fan dies, this news has moved everyone.

The kid died of Jaundice, and he is from Aiza village of Mahaboob Nagar district. This news really brought shock to the actor and the entire fraternity of the fans. It is to see how Ram Charan reacts to the news. Ram Charan who is currently busy with his movie Rangastalam might have known the news by this time. Everyone expects Ram Charan to reat through social media.

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