Chiranjeevi’s Advice paid-Off For Rangasthalam!

Ram Charan Follows Chiranjeevi Advice
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Ram Charan Follows Chiranjeevi Advice

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Megastar Chiranjeevi needs no introduction. His experience in the film industry in unmatchable by any leading hero in current times. It is an open fact that Mega Power Star Ram Charan heavily relies on Chiranjeevi’s advice while choosing his film.

Ram Charan’s latest film ‘Rangasthalam’ is another example of how value Chiranjeevi’s advice is. After the film’s final cut is out, director Sukumar screened ‘Rangasthalam’ movie exclusively for Chiranjeevi. The director reportedly wanted to trim the film, given its runtime of 3 hours. On listening to him, Chiranjeevi asked Sukumar to continue without giving the movie any further cuts.

In fact, Chiranjeevi also advised Sukumar not to remove the ‘emotional song’, and scenes before and after the song. Instead, Chiranjeevi asked him to cut the comedy scenes if he feels the length of the film is too much.

Going by Chiranjeevi’s advice, Sukumar did not cut the ‘emotional song’ in the film, which in turn became a plus point of the entire film. The song connected with the audience exceptionally well, drawing them deeper into the movie. After all, with over 30 years of glorious career in Film Industry, no wonder Megastar Chiranjeevi knows the pulse of the audience.

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