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Ram Charan’s Take On Megafans, Varun And Powerstar

Yesterday, the visual spectacular Anthariksham’s pre-release function was organized and none other than the mega power star Ram Charan Tej graced the meet as a Chief guest. His speech, as usual, became the highlight of the night which drew mega fans crazy. Charan who dressed in all formal attracted the Media cameras with his very attire. Carrying his gentleman charisma, Charan’s true and frank speech won the hearts of many viewers across the two Telugu States. He started off by praising each and every technician who put their efforts into making such a visually rich project. It is then he touched the hearts of million mega fans by declaring that his main reason to attend this function is to interact with the fans other than blessing Varun.

the visual spectacular Anthariksham

Praising heaps on his brother Varun Tej, Charan showcased his ground to Earth nature by stating that he is quite jealous of his younger brother who is doing content driven flicks like Antariksham, Kanche etc. Conveying his success to the entire team, Charan is sure that Varun will see new heights as a performer after the release of Anthariksham. Finally, the main highlight of his speech is the Power star Pawan Kalyan’s topic. He recited the phrase of Pawan Kalyan’s speech in the Dallas which is trending top. According to Charan, Pawan’s advice on doing things which frightens our lives every day to grow stronger showed a great impact on his mind. Asking fans to follow such advice of his favourite uncle, Charan ended his speech with his Uncle’s typical slogan “ Jai Hind”.

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