RGV comments on Sridevi Biopic


Ram Gopal Varma Comments on Sridevi Biopic

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Everyone knows how big a fan is Ram Gopal Varma of the legendary actress Sridevi. The maverick director hardly shows any sentiments or emotions. But the sudden demise of Sridevi surely touched him. The actor started posting a flurry of tweets, trying to lighten himself from the death of his favourite actor.

Probably, this is the first time, RGV seemed to be more like a human being, than in the past. From his tweets, one can understand that he was greatly upset with Sridevi’s death. His emotional ‘love letter’ to Sridevi, did become controversial after he revealed some private and sensitive information of the actress.

Soon, rumours emerged that, RGV is planning for abiopic on Sridevi. This rumour gained momentum, given RGV’s nature of bringing the real life of famous individuals to reel. What’s surprising is, few sections even reported the ‘biopic’ news leak came from Sirasri, a close aide of RGV is.

Rubbishing these all, ‘Sections of media is reporting that I’m making a biopic on Sridevi. It is untrue. I believe it is foolish to even attempt such thing. There cannot be anactress who’s remotely worthy enough to play her (Sridevi)’ tweeted RGV.

Yet again RGV stole the hearts of everyone, and his devotion towards Sridevi is clear.

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