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HomelatestFinally, Modi Calls The AP and TS Governor To The Capital:

Finally, Modi Calls The AP and TS Governor To The Capital:

Modi Calls The AP and TS Governor To The Capital

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Not just one but the two Telugu states of AP and Telangana have announced their fight against the Centre. After waking up late, the Centre has now started the damage control measures just a couple of days prior to the commencement of Budget Sessions.The Central party BJP who took the AP state lite has now started feeling the heat. Along with AP which is demanding the Special Category Status, the Telangana Government too added its voice against the Centre. Modi who felt the tremors from these two Telugu states has decided to have a clear-cut view of what’s going on in these two states.

So he has given a call to the joint Governor of AP and Telangana to start immediately for the Capital. Governor Raja Narasimhan is starting to New Delhi today to meet Central Cabinet and Modi to explain the situations in the two states. As the budget sessions are going to get started from 5th of this month, Centre is fearing that the Parliament camp of both these states would attack Centre in the eyewitness of entire Parliament. Also, the Centre wants to clear everything prior to the sessions in an amicable way such that they won’t lose the support of these Governments in the upcoming National Elections.

Opposition Parties like Congress, Janasena and YSRCP already waged a war with a written strategy to attack the Centre. The ball is in the court of Indian Prime Minister either to conduct sessions with protests by ignoring the two Telugu states or by solving each and every problem for Telugu community of India.

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