JFC Report – Centre Needs To Release Rs 74, 542 Crores To AP And Centre Released Rs 8131 Crores


Pawan Kalyan JFC Final Report To Be Released

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As expected, the JFC Report has been released. The key leaders of the JFC committee are reading out the numbers from the JFC report. From what was thought to be a ‘politically motivate’ move to rescue CBN and TDP, is turning out to be a spade for Chandrababu Naidu government. According to the JFC report, which has been prepared by former Home Secretary of India, Padmanabhaiah, former Bureaucrat N Jayaprakash Narayana, Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar, Former CS of (residual AP) IYR Krishna Rao, and other eminent people.

Following is the rough break up (partly) of the funds, the AP State should resolve with the Govt. of India.

Things That Shouldn’t Be Considered Under Revenue Deficit:

  • Under Reorganization, DISCOMS should get Rs 1500 Crores, that AP spent
  • The deficit incurred by AP Govt. after paying Fitment Benefit to employees (according to Pay Division Commission), should be borne by the Centre
  • These mount to Rs 10,225 crores, excluding Rs 4,000 crores has been accepted by the Centre

Under Special Category Status:

  • Centre Schemes – 90% to be borne by Centre. Currently AP is bearing 40%. Hence, the Centre needs to compensate AP with Rs 16, 447 Crores.
  • Similarly, for International loans taken by AP,  90% should be paid by Centre
  • Moreover, Tax Benefits for investments solely depend on the Investment Scale (no comments made)

Backward Districts, Similar To Bundelkhand Region – 7:

  • Rs 24, 350 crores worth proposals to Centre
  • Centre has been granting only Rs 50 crores/year, totaling to Rs 1050 crores
  • These are Tide Grants (Project Specific Funding). Therefore, these should be released by the Centre at regular intervals, upon submission of expenditure records by the State.
  • AP Lost Rs 3,820 Crores due to Tax liability, where the companies that functioned in AP, paid tax to Telangana Govt. But shockingly the excess tax paid by them had to be paid by AP. This resulted in a loss of Rs 3,820 Crores, and this happened because of lack of proper legal framework.

The Centre Still Needs To Release The Following Funds:

  • Vishakhapatnam – Chennai Corridor – Rs 6,000 Crores
  • Kakinada Petrol Complex – Rs 5,000 crores
  • Central Government Companies – Rs 10,000 crores

Though other numbers have not been mentioned, the Centre on a while should release Rs 74, 542 crores, apart from the Special Category Status commitments, for the development of infrastructure framework in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Similarly, following are the funds released by the Padmanabhaiah, Former Home Secretary of India, announced the following figures:

  • 4,118 crores – For the State (Revenue Deficit)
  • 2110 crores – Backward Areas
  • 853 crores – Institutes of National Importance,
  • 1,050 crores – For Capital

In addition, these funds are inclusive of funds already released, and to-be-released by the Centre. On a whole, the Centre is happy to release/released Rs 8131 crores towards Andhra Pradesh.

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