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HomelatestThe man who changed Ramoji Rao!

The man who changed Ramoji Rao!

Ramoji Rao Changed His Thoughts

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Along with the likes of Eenadu, almost all the major print media houses in India claimed that their newspaper circulation has been on a high trend. Despite the digital media revolution, these major publication houses are still holding a belief that ‘print media’ will always have its own place, and digitalization cannot eradicate it.

After Eenadu was established in 1974, there was no other publication that ever threatened its monopoly. Though, few newspapers had the ‘dream run’ for a while, with time they had to settle back only behind Eenadu. With changing times, ABN Chief Radha Krishna made the first blow to Eenadu’s monopoly.

Radha Krishna who was always following the uptrend in journalism around the globe started Andhra Jyothi’s web version. Right from the first day, Andhra Jyothi’s website is leading ahead of Eenadu. Andhra Jyothi’s and Eenadu’s current Alexa rankings are 76 and 113 respectively in India.

Post the digital revolution, and falling back to second place, Ramoji Rao started
modernizing the whole concept of Journalism. The launch of Eenadu Mobile website, web channel, and various other cloud-based digital services in journalism are being introduced by Ramoji Rao and his group.

Magazines like Sitara, Vipula, and Chatura played a vital role in expanding Eenadu’s empire. But in the recent years, people’s interest towards the print magazines has been pretty low, forcing Ramoji Rao to limit them to the digital version. Amidst all this, Radha Krishna who was indirectly responsible for Ramoji Rao’s change is seen falling behind in recent times.

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