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Low Cost-High Promotion trick generating crores!

Rajasekhar Teenmaar Dance

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After the hit talk, PSV Garuda Vega is running fully in the theatres. With two more days left in the weekend, trade analysts predict that PSV Garuda Vega is expected to release in more theatres.

Once a movie has gained a hit talk, it is very important to promote the further to reach a greater number of audience. PSV Garuda Vega has started with 6-7 crores as budget initially. Later that number grew to 10 Crores after the script has been finalized. Post the complete shooting, Jeeivtha Rajasekhar stated that the movie was produced on whopping 25 crores budget. This is clearly is seen on the silver celluloid. The taking, picturization, and camera work are top notch.

Now regarding the publicity, the Garuda Vega team has indeed come up with an innovate solution. Hero Rajasekhar has invited ‘Teenmar Band Group’ to his residence after Garuda Vega has received the hit talk. Along with the band group, Rajasekhar and the film’s unit danced to the rhythmic foot tapping beats from the band group. Later, this video was posted on the web, and since then it has gone viral.

The film unit believes that the video has created enough sensation. With Rajasekhar and the film unit seen dancing, the video is well enough to promote the film further and generate more collections at the box office in the coming few days.

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