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Old is Gold; she proves it once again!

Ramya Krishna Look Beautiful better than Keerthi suresh

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At Agnathavasi audio function, Anu Emmanuel outshined Keerthi Suresh with her glamorous look and her attire. Many made weird statements about Keerthi’s hairstyle and dressing sense at that time as well.

Hence, she came in a simple dress and not with much extravagant designing to the pre-release function of Gang, last night. But the heroine this time has been completely outshined not by a co-lead actress, but this time she has been outshined by a senior actress who is now doing character roles.

Ramya Krishnan was once a glamor queen in both Telugu and Tamil industries. She acted with almost all-star actors of her time. Her acting skills grew with time and she gave some mind-blowing performances, and her recent was in Baahubali.

Baahubali surely brought her huge name across India too, there was a never doubt in her talent or beauty. She is now playing a very challenging role which was played by Anupama Kher from the original Special 26, in this remake, Gang.

At the pre-release event, Ramya looked so stylish with her toned and slim look. She is now looking more attractive than ever. At the event, she became the star attraction among the likes of Keerthi Suresh who is reflected as young sensation. Surely, everyone is saying Ramya outshined Keerthi too. Finally, we can say Old is Gold.

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