Rana Daggubati Got Negative Publicity

Posted August 10, 2017 at 19:52

Rana Daggubati Got Negative Publicity

Rana Daggubati Got Negative Publicity: Before two weeks ago in a TV9 interview, hero Dhanush has thrown away the mike and went way. As anchor talks about the Suchileaks his behavior was this. That interview goes viral in TV9 got a heavy TRP rating with this issue. In the same way, they published another promo as Rana gets serious on the anchor. All are gets shocked by this promo. By asking about the drugs and Rana got serious on anchor they showed in the teaser. But it was proved as a publicity stunt.

In the interview, the situations are not like that. The people who were not watched the interview are thinking negative about Rana. In the situation as Rana gets serious on the anchor, he himself gives the declaration on this. As anchor asks to show anger on her he said he performed like that he says on Twitter. As the anchor talks about the drugs he will not feel and he was very cool. But TV9 is tried over to continue the audience interest.