Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Rashmi Agdekar requests all to look after strays during lockdown

Actress Rashmi Agdekar feels strongly about animal welfare. She believes although Covid-19 doesn’t affect stray animals, lockdown is bound to have its impact.

“Many shopkeepers and stores which feed the animals around them may not be able to do so because of lockdown. If you are aware of such animals in the neighborhood, please sort out permission to feed them, or leave out food and water outside for them. We need to understand that while the pandemic doesn’t affect strays, lockdown does. Besides, animal feeders are allowed as part of essential services,” she said.

“In case you cannot bring a pet at home, then the least you can do is feed the strays in your vicinity! Stop banning animals from entering your residential compounds, instead of nurturing them. One of the ways we could stop cruelty against stray animals is by talking more about it, ” says the actress, who has been part of the film “Andhadhun” and the web series “Dev DD 2”.

Rashmi adds: “Awareness is the key. Let’s begin by teaching our kids to be kind towards them. The way an animal loves you back is unconditional, they can teach us so many things, one being compassion. Please don’t shop, instead adopt!”

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