Ravi Teja’s Father Spends 1 Lakh For A Month

Ravi Teja's father

The Filmmaker Club Says Raviteja’s Father

Spends Lakh Rupees A Month

Ravi Teja is the top hero of Telugu industry. It is very well known how much struggle he went through to come to the top place. Every person who is new to the industry must take him as inspiration. Unfortunately recently Ravi Teja’s brother Bharat demise shocks everyone. But the fact that Ravi Teja hasn’t attend his brother funeral make it clear about their relationship. When inquired much about Ravi Teja’s father it was known that Ravi Teja’s father is a drunker and is very much edict to play cards. Tollywood actor Ravi Teja’s father spends 1lakh a month in film nagar club

Furthermore, the reports reveals that Ravi Teja used to give him 25thousand every week. Therefore his father used to spend for drinks and playing cards. Probably as his health drops in a worst condition he was restricted to his bed for 2years. Close sources of Ravi Teja reveals that though he is a hero on screen, he has many problems back screen.

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