Reason Behind Nikhil Tejaswini Marriage Cancelled

Reason Behind Nikhil Tejaswini Marriage canceled

Reason Behind Nikhil Tejaswini Marriage Canceled

Reason Behind Nikhil Tejaswini Marriage Canceled: Hero Nikhil continues hits in the film industry. Recently known that Nikhil’s marriage fixed with business men Anjaneyalu daughter Tejaswini. Nikhil and Tejaswini liked each other, so both family members started marriage arrangements. Both families decided to make engagement on August 23rd. But unfortunately, engagement canceled. In film industry campaign this issue.

Due to some problems, their engagement was postpone to October. In October no engagement direct marriage. Nikhil and Tejaswini marriage canceled. And the two families have decided to cancel the marriage because of both horoscopes are not matching. Both horoscopes are taken to prominent famous Vedic Scholars. And they said horoscopes are not matching. Some erroneous prevention measures can make their marriage. But they do not believe they will be happy with their marriage.

Posted September 1, 2017 at 15:57