Ravi Teja Next Movie With Srinu Vaitla

Ravi Teja Next Movie Srinu Vaitla

Ravi Teja Next Movie Srinu Vaitla

Ravi Teja Next Movie Srinu Vaitla: With DOOKUDU movie Srinu Vaitla got a star director recognition. After that, he not even got a single success. As he not even got an ok response from an audience. He failed in making good movies. BAADSHAH, AAGADU, BRUSLEE, MISTER in this serial he got four disasters. He goes personally and asks also they will escape by any reason. As no one is there in the movie industry to make Srinu a success. As hero RAVU TEJA came to do with him. The Ravi Tejas movies in the combination of Srinu Vaitla is a good response one. In the Ravi Teja career, they played a crucial role.

As the movie is a reason for Ravi Teja to be in this present situation. Even he is also agreeing on the same. So the director who given life to him he is decided to give a chance to him. After Ravi Teja is OK from three months Srinu Vaitla is working to ok one script. Ravi Teja also Ok with that script. This movie is screened in the production of Nallamalapu Bujii. At present Ravi Tejas RAJA THE GREAT, TIUCH CHESII CHOODOOO, movies after he is going to do Srinu Vaitlas movie. The film is going to start at the beginning of next year. The full details of the film are likely to be going soon.

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