Mekapati Raja Mohan Reddy May Jump Into BJP?

Mekapati Ram Mohan May Jump Into BJP

Mekapati Raja Mohan May Jump Into BJP?

Mekapati Raja Mohan May Jump Into BJP?: The result of Nandyala’s sub election made YCP hit a number of problems. The YCP leaders till now kept hopes on the 2019 elections. but after the Nandyala sub elections, their believes left away. The leaders were in other plans thinking that political journey with Jagan is quiet tough. Nellore MP Mekapati Raja Mohan is also included in that list. The latest news portrays that he met BJP leader Amith Shah in Delhi two days ago and is ready to jump into BJP. Amit Shah also seems to give a huge invitation for him to the party.

Jagan gets a really big shock if his supporter from starting days Mekapat Raja Mohan leave him. He is already tensed with the news that YCP MLA’s who belong to Kadapa constituency are going in tough with TDP. The news about Mekapati gone to the lotus pond. Finally, Some senior leaders including Vijay Sai Reddy started to please the leaders with Jagans orders.

Posted August 31, 2017, 6:05 pm at 18:05


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