Saturday, December 4, 2021
HomelatestKTR Relief From Railway Case

KTR Relief From Railway Case

KTR Relief From Railway Case

KTR Relief Railway Case: In Telangana, many cases on TRS politicians. If the cases are posed by state government they can easily be relieved by them. But they afraid of the Railway cases. Because railway clauses are different and punishments are very tough. And even case goes on for many years..made them worry. But from Moulali case KTR, Nayini, Padmarai have felt relief in the party. But they worried a lot due to long interrogation time that may be the court gives punishment to them.

They have planned and signed with Delhi leaders and came out of it. The opposition thinks this is also a reason for friendship with the high command. But there didn’t get complete relief, in this case, Khazipet railway case was still in pending. If KTR got relief, in this case, he can feel so happy. But Modi does not want to make feel bad to anybody. That is the reason behind their relief. But they are thinking admits may create any problem to them. But may be there is no chance of happening so.

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