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Rebel Star In Support Of Ram Gopal Varma’s GST

Rebel Star In Support Of Ram Gopal Varma’s GST

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Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘God, Sex and Truth’ sparked nationwide protests, especially from women organizations. Famous pornstar Mia Malkova is playing the lead role in Ram Gopal Varma’s directorial. Ram Gopal Varma is currently planning to release the film on the eve of Republic Day, the 26th of January, 2018. GST gathered film personalities support, while most of them went against it. Amidst such a situation, Rebel Star in support of Ram Gopal Varma’s GST became sensational.

Rebel Star Krishna Raju opined that, without knowing about the film, and Ram Gopal Varma’s insights, there is no point of creating an unnecessary ruckus of the film.Ram Gopal Varma never asked us to watch this film. It is up to an individual whether to watch the film or not. Moreover, I don’t accept the fact that, kids will be enlightened about sex and woman, only with this film. To clarify, kids are already aware of all this thing. Henceforth, it is recommended that people don’t make a fuss about it.

Presently, Varma is busy with his own things. If we tend to irk him, he can eventually come up with something, that is beyond our imagination. All that I want is to see him as an acclaimed director at the national level, said Rebel in support of Ram Gopal Varma’s GST.

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