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RGV starts copying tweets too!

RGV copied tweets From Mohammad Kaif

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Ram Gopal Varma recently announced that most of his films are based on Hollywood movies. ‘I usually try to take the core point of the movie and develop a story around it. At times, I directly lift the Hollywood movie as it is while making Bollywood or Tollywood movies’, said RGV in an interview.

But it looks like the controversial director has gone a step ahead, and even started copying Tweets too! Yes! The director has stooped to such a level. The shocking news came to light after former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif posted a tweet about bandhs and strikes carried in the country.

In his tweet, Kaif said ‘The new meaning of a Bandh actually is when jobless people come on to the streets and indulge in mischief to ensure others having a job/business don’t reach their office/home that day. This needs to stop’. Kaif made this tweet on 3rd January, at 9:30 am in the morning. The tweet was re-tweeted by more than 6,800 and liked by more than 18,000 Twitteratis.

Shockingly, RGV came up with a similar tweet. His tweet read ‘A bandh is a day where work less people force working people to stop working’. This tweet came on 3rd January at 8:26 pm. Just 11 hours after Kaif Tweet.

It doesn’t need any brains to understand that RGV has lifted Kaif’s tweet in his unique manner.

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