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Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnathavasi’ Target Fix!

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnathavasi’ Movie Target Fix!

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The upcoming movie ‘Agnathavasi’ in Pawan Kalyan – Trivikram Srinivas combination is gearing up for its release in the coming few days. Given the film’s release on 10th January, film circles are hoping that Sankranti celebrations are about to start on the same day. ‘Agnathavasi’ movie is having the largest release ever for a Telugu movie overseas and in Telugu states. The film is releasing in 576+ location in the US alone.

It is learned that ‘Agnathavasi’ team has a target for its premier shows collections. The premiere shows have already collected $2 million, and the makers are eyeing on the $3 million mark. Usually, depending on the film’s star cast, and the hype around it, distributors in the US host premier shows in key locations. The film is expected to collect $7 million to $8 million during its full run in the US.

The local distributors in the US are already confident that the film will break all the non-Baahubali records, and will be a trendsetter in the US. Given the hype around the film and Pawan mania, it looks like all other releases for the Sankranti in the summer are likely to be blown away.

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